The Troop generally goes on a camping event once a month from September through June. There may be additional day hikes. Troop 12 generally uses our own tenting equipment (and occasionally cabins or other facilities) for these field events.


These activities are set up with the advice of the troop members during the Troop Planning Conference in July. The Troop’s Camping Chairman, along with other interested committee members, makes the reservations, transportation, and other logistical arrangements that require an adult.

Permission Forms and Payment

Money due for these events is used to cover the cost of food for the weekend. It is the boys’ responsibility to make sure that deadlines are met so that patrols can plan their menus and schedule their shopping.

Due Dates: Permission slips and camping fees are generally due two Thursdays prior to the campout so that transportation may be arranged and food may be purchased by the patrols.

If there is no meeting that Thursday, Permission Slips and fees are to be delivered to the Committee Chairman’s house by that date.

Refunds and Transfers: There are no refunds or transfers of camping fees to another outing from the Thursday due date to the time of the campout.

Parent Drivers

The troop relies 100% on parents to drive to and from all campouts and other events.

  • Parents should indicate their willingness and availability to drive on their scouts permission form.
  • Once you have signed up as a driver the troop will rely on your commitment to provide transportation.

Campouts may located in areas with poor or no cell phone reception. Do not rely entirely on smart phones for navigation to the campouts, bring a printed set of directions and a map.


All scouts should be at the Church by the time on the permission form to help load the troop gear into vehicles.

  • Parents must remain at the Church until all scouts have a seat and their gear loaded into vehicles.
  • The troop will depart as soon as all gear is packed. If a scout is late to the church the troop will have to depart and the scout’s parent will be responsible for transporting the scout.
  • In no case will vehicles be overloaded.
    If we do not have sufficient volunteers to safely drive all scouts, individual parents will be responsible for providing transportation for their scout to the event.


Parent drivers must be at the pick up location as arranged with adult leaders, and expecting to carry as many scouts and their gear as will fit in their vehicle.

  • Scouts are responsible for unpacking group gear and putting it away properly after the event.
  • Scouts must remain at the church until all drivers have returned and all gear has been put away.

Adult Campers

There troop needs 1 adult per 6 scouts to supervise on site during every campout. This is a great opportunity for parents to participate in the troop and support their scout. Camping is also a lot of fun for adults.

Adults who sign up to participate in the camping trip should plan to be on site for the duration of the trip and equip themselves in a similar manner as scouts.

  • The troop provides adult cooking gear and food.
  • Adults must provide their own mess kits (plate, bowl, utensils, cup).
  • Most adults bring their own tent (or hammock and tarp). If you do not have camping equipment ask the camping chairperson if the troop has extra gear available.
  • Adults must sign up as campers by the same deadline as the scouts to be included in meal planning. If an adult decides to come after that deadline, they should bring their own food.
  • Troop 12 welcomes menu suggestions and assistance preparing meals from anyone with special dietary requirements.
  • Adults must bring any prescription medications they need to take while on a campout.


Common sense and “Be Prepared” should be the guiding principles used when the boys are packing for campouts. They don’t need a great deal of equipment, especially when first starting out.

Required items always include: rain gear, flashlight, mess kit, personal hygiene items, Boy Scout Handbook, pen, notebook, and an extra set of footwear are always . Clothing layers should be weather appropriate.

We recommend, that each Scout obtain, as soon as possible, a good quality zero degree rated sleeping bag (ask our adults for advice in this area). Also, since the troop hikes in to some of its campsites, a backpack is recommended for the Scout to carry his gear. The adult troop leadership is always available to assist with the selection of equipment. For more information see the Scouts Uniform & Equipment page.

It is suggested that each scout personalize a checklist of items needed from the template lists on the Scouts Uniform & Equipment page. If a boy is unsure of whether or not to bring something, he should speak with his Patrol Leader.

The boys should do their own packing, and it is suggested that they pack at least one day prior to leaving on the camp-out. This avoids the last minute rush (which is usually when you get roped into doing the packing for them), and it also allows time to purchase any last minute items.

Many troop activities occur where there is not always in close proximity to EMS services should a medical emergency occur.

Every scout should carry a personal first aid kit, with at minimum several bandaids of different sizes for personal use. As the scout develops first aid skills his kit should evolve to reflect his personal ability.

Prescription inhalers or epipens should be brought on every scouting event as a precautionary measure, even if the scout has not experienced an incident for some time.

Scout personal medications that need to be taken on a daily basis should be provided to the adult leaders to carry for any overnight trip.

Scout personal medications should be provided to the adult leaders to carry for any trip. Any scout with a prescription inhaler or epipen should have it on every trip as a precautionary measure even if they have not experienced an incident for some time. The troop is not always in close proximity to EMS services should an allergic event occur.


Scouts are permitted to bring cell phones or portable media players players with personal ear/headphones on Troop camping trips to be used only in their tent at night. To keep scouts focused on activities, boys must ask adult permission to call parents during campouts or summer camp.

Parents can support their scout’s experience of the outdoors by waiting for their scouts return to talk about the experience and share photos, or participating directly as an adult camper.

Care of Troop Equipment

Troop 12 has invested in group camping equipment for the boys. We have tents, stoves, tarps, cook kits, griddles, chef tool kits, and ice chests.

After each campout, Scouts are required to bring home one of these items to clean and return by the next troop meeting. It is important that tents be aired out properly to prevent growth of mildew. Parents should encourage their son to fulfill his obligations.

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