Welcome to Our New Website!!!

Parents & Scout welcome to our new website!

Mr. Melhorn & Mr. Covan have been working on the new Troop 12 website for several months and after meeting with the Committee on March 4 have now gone live!!

There are some great new features on this site, one of the biggest being that the site is now computer and mobile browser compatible.

Also is the addition to a Google Calendar under Meetings & Events tab. This allows the user to subscribe to the calendar and now keep up to date with Troop 12 events right on their phones and calendars.

We will be adding links to permissions slips on the events as well, though they will be available under the Permission Slips tab as well.

If you have any questions of feedback please click here to e-mail the webmaster and as soon as possible.

We hope you like and enjoy the new site!

Winter is here! Pack warm and dry.

  • Hat’s, gloves, and wool socks are important when the temperature drops!
  • Waterproof boots help keep feet dry in the snow.
  • Zero degree sleeping bags and an insulated sleeping pad are required for winter camp outs.
  • Rain gear on all camp outs… Winter rain is cold rain.
  • Dress in Layers to avoid overheating during physical activity.

January – Cabin camping @ Camp Alamuchy

Parent campers sign up early for a relaxing weekend in the cabin, and bring your menu ideas!

February – Junior leader training / Tent camping @ Camp NoBeBosco