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The Troop needs money for various expenses throughout the Scouting year. These expenses include

§         Insurance

§         Boys Life

§         Scout registration

§         Adult registration (troop pays adult fees)

§         Adult Leader Training fees

§         Junior Leader Training fees

§         Badges of office

§         “Trained” patches

§         Troop neckerchiefs

§         Anniversary patches

§         Rank badges

§         Merit badges

§         Merit badge cards

§         Totin’ chip cards

§         Awards (Amron, Carl, Kean, Pollock)

§         Programs for award ceremonies

§         Annual Awards Dinner:

§         Scout families subsidy

§         Guests’ dinners

§         Other awards presented by Scoutmaster, Committee, or Senior Patrol Leader

§         Refreshments at award ceremonies

§         Eagle ceremonies ($100.00)

§         Presentation to Scouts bridged over from pack (handbook, red tabs, troop number, neckerchief, slide)

§         Annual picnic (main course)

§         Camping fees for scoutmaster and committee chairman (usually $15.00)

§         Propane

§         Camping gear

§         Restock first aid kit

§         Website fee

§         Mailings (for families without Internet access)

§         Supplies (flip charts, markers, flag materials, etc.)


This expense money is gleaned from three sources: dues, fundraising events, and donations.

Dues: The troop charges dues at the rate of $75.00 per year and is payable in two installments in September and January. Each Scout is encouraged to earn his own money for dues.

Fundraising: Troop 12 has tried various methods of fundraising - a necessary task that few enjoy. It is important that the boys equally participate in the fundraising and that each boy does his part. Fundraising activities are decided upon by the Troop Committee and always require parental support. One of the more difficult aspects of leader development is getting the boys to follow through on their commitments. We expect all the Scouts to participate in earning the money for their camping equipment, badges, and other program expenses. Otherwise, someone else has to take up the slack and, all too often, the lion's share of the fundraising is done by too few boys who essentially subsidize those unwilling to contribute.

Donations: In the past, we have received donations from Scout families and employers of committee members. These are infrequent and are not received on a regular basis so, while we are grateful for them, we cannot plan on them in our annual financial planning