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Troop 12 attends camp as a troop for a week, usually the last week in July. Exact dates are announced each year as soon as they are known. Although the Council currently runs four Boy Scout Camps, the troop leadership does not feel that their programs meet the needs of our Scouts at this time. We have chosen to attend camps throughout the northeast over the past several years. We attend a camp for a few years until we find one with a better program. At least two adults (usually ten or more attend) from the Troop must accompany the boys for the week, with other Scout leaders coming up when they can. Participation by a large number of adults makes the leadership’s job easier. The camp staff, whose members are all Scouts or Scouters themselves, conducts the program for the boys. Troop 12's participation at summer camp is always full of advancement, Scoutcraft, and of course, FUN. Our week at camp is always an outstanding one that the boys will remember well into adulthood. The boys sleep on bunk beds with mattresses on tent platforms, that is a wooden floor with a canvas tent provided by the camp. Each Scout must supply his own bedding - usually a sleeping bag - and pillows. Scout Camps have many sites, each one accommodating one troop at a time (although our growing attendance may require we occupy two sites in the future). Meals are held in the dining hall and are nutritiously prepared by the kitchen staff. Ask any of the Scouts or adults what a great time we have at camp.




All Scouts are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Scout Oath and Law. Scouting is not the place for the use of foul language, bullying, fighting, disrespect or disregard for the instructions of the Troop leaders or any other behavior inconsistent with the Scout Oath and Law. The Troop leadership needs to think of the safety and well being of the entire Troop. Therefore, it is at their sole discretion that any Scout may be asked to leave a Troop meeting or campout. If this decision is made, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation.

Disciplinary Action: In the event that any Scout is consistently not conducting himself in a Scout-like manner, the Troop leadership may make the decision to ask him to leave the Troop permanently. Before this decision would be made final, a review would be set up with the Troop Committee, the boy, and the parents