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Chartering Organization: Troop 12 is chartered to the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Livingston which has provided us with a place to meet and a place in which to store most of our equipment since 1926. Our Chartered Organization Representative, who is both a member of the church and a registered Scouter in Troop 12, represents the church.

Troop Committee: The Troop Committee is charged with making sure that a good, solid Scouting program is taking place within the troop. It is generally made up of parents of boys in the troop and/or other interested adults. One of Troop 12's greatest assets is our exceptional Troop Committee. Several of our committee members are parents of previous Scouts who have received from the Scouting movement the ideals and leadership development tools to face today's demanding society. Many are former Scouts and some are Eagle Scouts.  These moms and dads think so much of our troop and Scouting that they devote a large portion of their time and effort to help the current Scouts advance and develop. They know first-hand the many benefits that their sons have received from Scouting and from Troop 12's exceptional program. Troop Committee members are registered as members of the Boy Scouts of America. The Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee Chairman work together to ensure a good Scouting experience for the boys. The Troop Committee concerns itself with Boards of Review for all ranks of Scouting, Courts of Honor, advancement, the Annual Awards Dinner, fundraising, troop projects, and special troop trips that require additional adult supervision. The Troop Committee generally meets on the first Wednesday of the month. It is an excellent opportunity for parents to get involved in the managing of the Troop. If you are interested in serving on the Troop Committee, please see either the Troop Committee Chairman or one of the adult leaders of the troop. All meetings are open to all interested parents, whether or not they are members of the Troop Committee.

Adult Troop Leaders: The adult leadership of Troop 12 consists of the Scoutmaster and one or more Assistant Scoutmasters. While the emphasis is on boy planning, the adult leaders do play a very important role in Boy Scouting. They provide the opportunity, the advice, and the guidance. Probably the most difficult job of the disciplined leader is to accept the responsibility of allowing the boys to make mistakes in a controlled environment. In preparation for this task, we encourage our adult leaders to complete Troop Leader Basic Training and some have taken further advanced training such as Wood Badge and Scouter’s Outdoor Skills. This has involved a considerable time commitment on their part, but we believe that your boys deserve a quality program with qualified leaders.

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC): Patrol Leaders are elected by troop members with prerequisites set by the Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters of the troop. The Scoutmaster in consultation with the Assistant Scoutmasters, the Committee Chairman, and the Senior Patrol Leader appoints other junior leaders. These boy leaders form the Patrol Leaders' Council.  Members of the PLC participate in the annual planning conference to make recommendations for the year's calendar of events, which the Scoutmaster will present to the Troop Committee for support and approval. The PLC meets the first Monday of each month to plan weekly meetings and special events.

Troop Calendar: The troop leadership tries to plan the Troop Calendar as far in advance as possible so that you may be notified of upcoming events as far in advance as possible. Dates of upcoming events are identified in the Troop Calendar, the bimonthly newsletter, and the campout bulletins, all of which are available on the troop Web site. Scouts are also reminded of events at Troop meetings. Part of the learning process in Scouting is to make the boys themselves responsible for keeping track of events. It is your son's responsibility to notify you of deadlines for money due, campouts, food shopping, menu planning, meeting dates, Patrol Leaders' Council meetings, Courts of Honor, etc.

Troop Meetings: Troop 12 meets at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church every Thursday night during the school season. The basic schedule is as follows:

• 7:00 P.M. - Scoutmaster Conferences, equipment preparation for a campout, special meetings

• 7:30 P.M.-Opening

• 9:00 P.M. - Closing

9:35 P.M. – Meeting Evaluation by PLC

Attendance at troop meetings is very important, as it is here that many Scout skills are taught and plans are made for the monthly field events. If a boy attends only the campouts and not the weekly troop meetings, he will be ill prepared, as he will not have been part of the planning of the activities and the menu. He also will not have been of much help to his patrol in preparing for the campout. Similarly, if a boy attends only the troop meetings and not the field events, he may find the meetings boring because he doesn't see the final event that the Troop meetings are leading up to. He will also miss the opportunity to put into practice the skills that he is learning at the meetings. Besides, campouts are fun! We are aware that the younger boys are much more interested in the adventure and excitement of Scouting events and may need some counsel concerning the duller aspects of troop meetings. Generally, there are no regularly scheduled meetings on days when there is no school (school vacations, holidays, etc.). Usually, if school has been cancelled, there will be no Scout meeting