Eagle Scout Max Sayre has Reported to Parris Island

Scouts/ Parents: As many of you are :aware Max Sayre, Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 12 recently enlisted in the United States Military. He will be defending our country proudly in the United States Marine Corps while training at boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina.

Let’s take a moment and send Max a letter or postcard keeping him up to date as to what’s going on in Livingston and Troop 12. Let’s keep Max in our thoughts as to a healthy and safe time in the Marines. Please write that we are looking forward to seeing him again when his active duty time is over.

Thank you,

Rich Waxman
Committee Chairman
Troop 12

If you would like to contact Max while he is away, please check e-mails from Mr. Waxman or send Troop 12 a message on Facebook or contact Mr. Waxman or Mr. Grewal by e-mail.