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The Troop generally goes on a camping event once a month. These activities are set up with the advice of the troop members during the Troop Planning Conference in July. The Troop's Camping Chairman, along with other interested committee members, makes the reservations, transportation, and other logistical arrangements. These duties are usually beyond the capabilities and resources of the youth leadership. Troop 12 generally uses cabins or our own tenting equipment for these field events. Any money due for these events is used to cover the cost of the boys' food for the weekend. Permission Slips and camping fees are generally due two Thursdays prior to the campout in order that transportation may be arranged and food may be purchased by the patrols. If there is no meeting that Thursday, Permission Slips and camping fees are to be delivered to the Committee Chairman’s house by that date. The camping fees from that Thursday to the time of the campout are not refundable nor are they transferable to another outing. It is the boys' responsibility to make sure that deadlines are met so that patrols can plan their menus and schedule their shopping. Common sense and "Be Prepared" should be the guiding principles used when the boys are packing for campouts. They don't need a great deal of equipment, especially when first starting out. We do recommend, however, that each Scout obtain, as soon as possible, a good quality sleeping bag (ask our adults for advice in this area). Also, since the troop hikes in to some of its campsites, a backpack is recommended for the Scout to carry his gear. The adult troop leadership is always available to assist with the selection of equipment. The boys should do their own packing, and it is suggested that they pack at least one day prior to leaving on the camp-out. This serves a double purpose: it avoids the last minute rush (which is usually when you get roped into doing the packing for them), and it also allows time to purchase any last minute items. Rain gear, flashlight, mess kit, personal hygiene items, Boy Scout Handbook, pen, notebook, and an extra set of footwear are always required items. It is suggested that the boys establish a checklist of items generally needed. There is one such checklist in their Boy Scout Handbook and another in this manual. If a boy is unsure of whether or not to bring something, he should call his Patrol Leader. The field events are an integral part of the Boy Scout program, and we would like to see all boys go on all events. We usually end each campout with an interfaith or “Scout’s Own” service which all are expected to attend in keeping with the 12th point of the Scout Law, “A Scout is Reverent.”

NOTE: Radios or cassette- players are not allowed on camping trips or at summer camp. Scouts are permitted to bring walkman-type players with personal ear/headphones on Troop camping trips to be used only in their tent at night.

Equipment: Troop 12 has spent a lot of money on camping equipment for the boys. We have tents, stoves, tarps, cook kits, griddles, chef tool kits, and ice chests. After each campout, Scouts are required to bring home one of these items to clean and return by the next troop meeting. However, often this equipment is not returned immediately and some patrols have had to struggle on the next campout due to equipment shortage. Our Scout Quartermaster has the responsibility for keeping track of this gear but we need parents to encourage their son to fulfill his obligations. The alternative is to conduct more fundraisers to replace lost or damaged equipment, or have the Scouts buy in their own gear.