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                       THE NEWS AT TWELVE


                                               TROOP 12 & PACK 12

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"All the News of Troop 12 and Pack 12"

Troop 12  2016

Winter Calendar


Weds., Jan.4- Troop Committee Meeting

Thursday, Jan.5- Matthew Sarett Eagle COH

Monday, Jan. 9- PLC Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 12-Troop 12 Meeting

          Jan. Campout permission slip & $ due

Friday Jan.13-15- Alpine Campout

Thurs, Jan. 19- Troop 12 Meeting

          Permission slips & $ due for Klondike Derby

Thurs, Sept. 26- Troop 12 Meeting



Wed, Feb. 1- Troop Committee Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 2- Troop 12 Meeting

      Permission slips & $ due for Annual Awards    

      and for Feb. Cabin campout

Sunday, Feb. 5- Scout Sunday

                          arrive 9:45am at St. Peter’s

Monday, Feb. 6- PLC Meeting

Thurs, Feb. 9- Troop 12 Meeting

Saturday, Feb. 11- Klondike Derby

Thursday, Feb. 16- Annual Awards Dinner

Fri-Sun, Feb. 17-19-Mt. Allamuchy Cabin Camping

Thursday, Feb. 23- No Troop Meeting



Wed, March 1- Troop Committee Meeting

Thurs, March 2- Troop 12 Meeting

Saturday, March 4- Inglemoor Service Project

Monday, March 6- PLC Meeting

Thurs, March 9- Troop 12 Meeting  

         Scouting for food flyers handed out

Thurs. March 16- Troop 12 Meeting

Friday March 17-19- Junior Youth Leadership     

         Training camp out

Thurs. March 23- Troop 12 Meeting

        Scouting for food donations due

Saturday, March 25- Food Bank service project

Thursday, March 30- Troop 12 Meeting

        Summer Camp Sign Up begins

Pack 12 2016

Winter Calendar


Tues. Jan. 3- Pack 12 Meeting

Tues.Jan. 11- Pack 12 Meeting

Sat. Jan. 14- Sports Universe

Tues, Jan. 17- Pack 12 Meeting

Tues, Jan. 24-Pack 12 Meeting

Tues, Jan. 31- Pinewood Derby



Saturday, Feb.4-Northlandz

Tues, Feb.7- Pack 12 Meeting

Tues, Feb.14- Pack 12 Meeting-

Thursday, Feb. 16- Awards Dinner

Tues, Feb.21- NO MEETING

Tues, Feb. 28-Pack 12 Meeting



Tues, March 7- Pack 12 Meeting

Tues, March 14- Pack 12 Meeting

Tues, March 21- Pack 12 Meeting

Tues, March. 28- Pack 12 Meeting



Pack 12’s first Meeting


Patrol Olympics:

On Saturday, September 10th, Troop 12 held its

first Patrol Olympics.  The scouts played games designed to promote scout spirit and teamwork.  The Olympiads include: Patrick Zotti, Douglas DelTurco, Ayan Bhatnagar, Rohan Gadhvi, Krish Bhatt, Sam Lin, Max Sayre, Jayson Melhorn, Nishay Bhatnagar, Aekum Grewal, Caleb Choy, Anish Shriram and Cub Scout Ajay Grewal.  Adults present include: Gurmeet Grewal, Twinkle Bhatt, Paul DelTurco, Craig Melhorn.


9/11 Ceremony:

Troop 12 continued their long-standing tradition of participating in Livingston’s 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony.  Alongside the other Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Livingston, the scouts of Troop 12 served as the color guards and led the guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Scouts participating in the ceremony were: Nishay Bhatnagar, Douglas DelTurco, Cristian Zapata, Patrick Zotti, Joshua Waxman, Aekum Grewal, Ayan Bhatnagar, Rohan Gadhvi, Jayson Melhorn, Ajay Grewal, Max Sayre, Alex Choi, and Anish Shriram.



Cub Scout Outings

September: Fall Family Festival

The cub scouts enjoyed an outing at the Essex County Environmental Center.  They had fun with goats, chicken, and rabbits at the petting zoo, walked inside an inflatable constellation of stars, and ran through an obstacle course.  They also observed many different exhibits that focused on protecting the environment and natural resources.  The cub scouts also had their picture with Mr. Joe DiVincenzo, the Essex County Executive.  A great time was had by the following scouts: IsaacYu, Armaan Mishra, Aiden Zotti and Simon Ritz.


October: The Great Pumpkin!

Cub scouts of Pack 12 went on a fall adventure at Mt. Allamuchy Scout Camp.  The cub scouts received a map and had to navigate and solve word problems to find clues at different sites throughout the camp.  The ultimate goal was to receive a surprise snack bag for all their efforts.  Scouts attending include: Simon Ritz, Ian Vedam, Aidan Zotti, Kenneth Wu, Julian Zakkour, Derek Xle, Nathan Huang, Rayan Hafeez, Elias Chen, Nathan Zhang, Ethan Yao, Calvin Cheng, Justin Wang, Allen Wang, Bryan Qi, Jason Qi, and Chase Frauwirth.



November: Washington’s Crossing

The cub scouts enjoyed a November outing to Washington’s Crossing in PA.  The boys learned how General Washington organized his troops and supplies to cross the Delaware River, an excursion that took all night Christmas eve to surprise attack the Hessian Mercenary Soldiers fighting for the British.  They saw uniforms, muskets and boats which brought the story to life.  The scouts attending this historic event include: Calvin Cheng, Joshua Huang, Isaac Yu, Oliver Beveridge, Elias Chen, Chase Frauwirth and Ian Vedam.




December: Community Service

The cub scouts helped a Boy Scout with a service project at Turtleback Zoo.  The scouts helped collect donations of food and clothing for those in need.  The cub scouts who helped make event a great success include: Kenneth Wu, Angela Chen, Joshua Huang, Chase Frauwirth, Aidan Zotti, Calvin Cheng, Ethan Yao, and Nathan Zhang.








To kick off the new season, Troop 12 chose a new camping adventure at Kitatinny, Dingsmans Ferry, PA.  Scouts were required to have passed the BSA swim test to attend.  Scouts enjoyed canoeing down the Kitatinny River. The scouts encountered surprising challenges not at scouting activities, but by their camping neighbors, who played loud music into the late hours of the night.  The scouts learned that you never know what challenges will come your way during a campout and decided to put earplugs on their camping “must have” list!  Scouts who went on this unforgettable adventure include: Douglas Delturco, Aekum Grewal, Nishay Bhatnagar, Dylan Belluardo, Caleb Choy, Rohan Gadhvi, Anant Gupta, Riley Thompson, Evan Leung, Jacob Schilling, Patrick Zotti, Joshua Waxman, Max Sayre, and Sean Mollineaux. Adults who attended this memorable experience include: Paul DelTurco, Rich Waxman, Gurmeet Grewal, and John Belluardo.



Troop 12 scouts enjoyed another District Camporee at Nobebosco, Hardwick, NJ.  Scouts were excited by this year’s theme of Zombie Apocalypse.  In preparation for the event, scouts diligently worked to create Zombie inspired clothing.  The PLC helped the scouts distress shirts by tearing, staining and literally rubbing dirt to transform themselves into Zombie Scouts!  The scouts had a fantastic time visiting different stations including archery and feasting on Zombie inspired cuisine!  Scouts surviving the Zombie Apocalypse include: Cristian Zapata, Rohan Gadhvi, Aryan Pradhan, Nishay Bhatnagar, Patrick Zotti, Evan Leung, Aekum Grewal, Douglas Delturco, Caleb Choy, James Keltos, Samuel Lin, Eric Liu, Riley Thompson, Max Sayre, Jayson Melhorn, Anant Gupta, and Jacob Schilling.  Adults risking their lives during the Zombie Apocalypse include: Noelle Schilling, Gurmeet Grewal, and Paul DelTurco.





The scouts headed off to Camp Glen Gray in Mahwah, NJ for a weekend of pioneering adventures.  Pioneering skills the scouts participated in included construction of a monkey bridge using lashing skills and Dutch oven cooking. Scouts attending include: Max Sayre, Sean Mollineaux, Ayan Bhatnagar, Max Shen, Joshua Waxman, Patrick Zotti, Dylan Belluardo, Patrick Zotti, Jacob Schilling, Samuel Lin, Anant Gupta, Aekum Grewal, Caleb Choy, and Nishay Bhatnagar. Adults who attended include: John Belluardo, Noelle Schilling, Daoxian Shen, Gurmeet Grewal, Paul DelTurco and Rich Waxman.





Troop 12 scouts, leaders and families gathered together on October 20th to celebrate the achievements of our scouts over the summer. 



Star: James Keltos and Sean Mollineaux


World Conservation Award: Max Sayre


The scouts earned the following merit badges: swimming, astronomy, fingerprinting, soil & water conservation, forestry, nature, oceanography, citizenship in the nation, citizenship in the community, family life, climbing, communication farm mechanics, wood carving, fish & wildlife management, kayaking, leatherwork, farm mechanics, robotic, wood carving, environmental science, emergency preparedness, personal fitness, mammal study, camping, rifle shooting, personal fitness, first aid, and geocaching.


Scouts recognized for earning one or more merit badges were: Evan Leung, Krish Bhatt, Max Sayre, Caleb Choy, Alexander Choy, Ayan Bhatnagar, Nishay Bhatnagar, Nicholas Boffa, Douglas Delturco, Aekum Grewal, Joshua Waxman, Anant Gupta, Samuel Hall, Cristian Zapata, James Keltos, Samuel Lin, Eric Liu, Jayson Melhorn, Sean Mollineaux, Aryan Pradhan, Max Shen, Jacob Shilling, Anish Shriram, Riley Thompson, and Patrick Zotti.


Congratulations to all the scouts for a job well done!


Thank you to all the families who took the time to attend.  A special thanks to the families for providing food and assistance in making the evening a success.






A celebration in honor of the 90th anniversary of Boy Scout Troop 12 Livingston and the 100th anniversary of its Charter Organization, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church took place at the Hanover Manor on November 27th.  The event, which had been organized by long-time Church parishioner Cindy Brady, wife of Veteran Bill Brady, Charter Representative of Troop 12, was well attended by leaders and members of both organizations as well as the community.


Troop 12 and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church are proud of its longstanding history and relationship.  In fact, Troop 12, the oldest Boy Scout Troop in Livingston, was founded by Robert W. Kean, son of Alexander Livingston Kean, the founder of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.  Alexander Livingston Kean was a direct descendant of New Jersey’s first governor, William Livingston, for whom the town of Livingston was named in 1813! 


One highlight of the event was the presence of former New Jersey Governor Thomas H. Kean, who presented the Kean award, established in honor of his father and founder Robert W Kean, to Scout Max Sayre.  Other distinguished guests included the oldest living members of St. Peter’s Church, Lee Fergusson and Wilber Hoffman (who had been baptized at the church in 1918), Senior Scout Master Dick Huber (who served in the 1970’s), Livingston Mayor Al Anthony, and Northern New Jersey BSA Council Representative Mike Wirth.


Attendees had the opportunity to view scrapbooks and memorabilia, highlighting St. Peter’s and Troop 12’s long history.


Troop 12 and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church are proud of its longstanding history and relationship.  St. Peter’s has been the proud sponsor of the Troop, offering space for Troop meetings and activities for the past 90 years.  The Troop, in turn, has actively participated in projects maintaining the church, including annual clean-up of the grounds, painting projects, and snow shoveling.   

Front row: Governor Kean, Mayor Al Anthony

Back row (from left to right): Nishay Bhatnagar, Eric Liu, Nicholas Boffa, Ayan Bhatnagar, Cristian Zapata, Aryan Pradhan, Max Shen, Anant Gupta, Riley Thompson, Caleb Choy, Jayson Melhorn, Evan Leung, Samuel Lin, Douglas DelTurco, Max Sayre, Joshua Waxman.



Snow Shoveling:

Snow shoveling is one of the many service projects performed by the Troop 12. The scouts shoveled at St. Peter’s Church and many senior citizen’s driveways on Saturday December 17th Sunday January 8, 2017.  Scouts participating in snow shoveling were Aekum Grewal, Josh Waxman and Max Sayre, Aryan Pradhan and Jake Shilling. Adults participating were Gurmeet Grewal, Rich Waxman, Herb Shilling, Ranjan Pradhan, and Marshall Sayre.





Veterans Day Service:

Troop 12 led the flag ceremony for the Veterans Day Service at the Temple Beth Shalom on Sunday, November 6th.  Scouts participating in the event include Aekum Grewal, Max Sayre and Sam Lin, alongside Scout Master Gurmeet Grewal.


Inglemoor Service Project:

The scouts of Troop 12 continued its tradition of performing at Inglemoor Rehabilitation center on Saturday, December 10th.  The residents were entertained by campfire style songs and skits performed by the scouts, led by SPL Nishay Bhatnagar.  Scouts participating in the event include: Ayan Bhatnagar, Evan Leung, Douglas DelTurco, Aekum Grewal, Sam Lin, Max Sayre, Max Shen, and Nishay Bhatnagar.



A tremendous success!!!

This fall, the cub scouts of Pack 12 and boy scouts of Troop 12 had a fantastic fundraising success!  A total of $7, 384 was raised by the Pack and $ 12, 462 was raised by the Troop.  The top fundraiser of the Pack was Cub Scout Julien Zakkour, raising an impressive $1362.  The top fundraiser of the Troop was Max Sayre, who raised an unprecedented $1790, shattering Nishay Bhatnagar’s record of $1515! 


The popcorn program is the only fundraiser conducted by Troop 12 and Pack 12. The money raised from the popcorn sales supports Troop 12 and Pack 12 helps pay for merit badges, event and rank patches as well as camping gear.  It helps to pay for the costs of camping (campsite costs, food, etc.) and subsidize our annual awards dinner at the Hanover Manor.


Thank you to all the families who helped with this important event!!!





Evan Leung


Second Class

Eric Liu


First Class

Anant Gupta



James Keltos

Sean Mollineaux

Sam Lin

Aryan Pradhan



Parth Pandya



Know anyone interested in becoming a scout?

All scouts who recruit a friend will get a “recruiter” patch and any boy scout who recruits will also receive a free campout!


To join Pack 12, please call Cubmaster John Allen Mollenhauer at (862) 216-7959 or Pack Committee Chairman Bill Brady at (973) 879-8498. To join Troop 12, please call Troop Committee Chairman Rich Waxman at (201) 247-4351 or Scoutmaster Gurmeet Grewal at (609) 519-0235. 





Gurmeet Grewal                   (609) 519-0235


Committee Chairman:

Richard Waxman                   (201) 247-4351


Assistant Scoutmasters:

Craig Melhorn

Phil Pisciotti


Executive Officer:

Reverand Wigg-Maxwell


Charter Organization Rep:

William Brady                       


Treasurer: Nidhi Gupta                     


Advancement Committee:

Phil Pondiscio

Madeline Sayre


Camping Chair: Jenna Hu    


Quartermaster Advisers:

Herb Schilling

Walter Mollineaux    



Colleen Pisciotti (Chair)       

Chi Leung  (Assistant Chair)


Eagle Coordinator: Marshall Sayre 


Webelos Coordinator: Pak Lew       


Newsletter: Swati Bhatnagar


Popcorn Sales: Catherine Zotti


Special Events:

Don Lane

Ann Mollineaux


Historians:  The Coupers


Members of the Committee:

Paul DelTurco                       

Jennifer Schilling

Cindy Cohrs-Brandt





John Allen Mollenhauer          (862) 216-7959


Committee Chairman:

Bill Brady                                 (973) 879-8498


Assistant Scoutmasters:

Michael Zakkour

Shane Sayre


Treasurer: Haiying Wang


Popcorn Chair: Catherine Zotti


Outings Chair: Marshall Sayre


Publicity Chair: Madeline Sayre